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Independent Contractor Compliance can be a headache. We’ve got your aspirin.

Genesisworkforce offers expert solutions that can help your company achieve independent contractor compliance.


Independent contractors can be a great asset to a company. They can also be a concern.

Independent contractor compliance laws are complicated–often vague, contradictory, and ever-changing. Even with the best intentions, it can be impossible for companies who work with contractors to navigate the potential minefield of requirements to stay compliant. You could be risking millions of dollars in penalties and fines and risk assessment can be a time-consuming process, whether you engage one or many ICs.

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Genesis Workforce offers our clients an in-depth independent contractor compliance service that covers it all – and helps you breathe easier when it comes to hiring 1099 contract workers:

  • Our comprehensive 1099 screening process evaluates the worker, the job description, and the nature of the employment relationship to determine 1099 eligibility
  • Our 1099 evaluation process significantly reduces the risk of often-costly misclassification errors
  • We save you the time and cost burdens of evaluating employee status internally
  • In addition to the initial screening process, Genesis Workforce also provides regular re-evaluations for qualifying contract

By implementing a customized independent contractor compliance solution, our clients see the following benefits:

  • Decreased time to hire
  • Improved fill rates
  • Increased quality of human capital
  • Reduced early-stage turnover
  • Minimized administrative effort
  • 1099 compliance
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What current compliance safeguards and risk mitigation procedures do you have in place?

What is your organization’s strategy around the use of independent contractors (ICs/1099s)? How large of an IC population do you currently use? What internal audits does your organization use to validate the extent of your IC usage? What is your organization currently doing to avoid the increased enforcement and audits by federal and state authorities on the issue of worker misclassification?

Many of our customers have told us that risk mitigation and compliance is a top priority in their contingent workforce programs. They also ask us for our guidance to help them navigate the constantly changing landscape and to keep them informed on legislative updates that may impact their workforce.

A few other important things to consider:

What are the biggest areas of risk affecting your contingent population?

Are your managers educated on the polices and procedures of your IC Compliance program?

Are these policies and procedures centralized or decentralized by location or business unit?

Do you have a consistent, streamlined process to on-board ICs?

Who in your organization is ultimately responsible for the successful compliance of your IC Program?

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