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Talent Sourcing & Management

Genesis Workforce defines and elevates recruitment process outsourcing solutions. Our proprietary system and applicant tracking processs is designed to simplify and standardize candidate sourcing, selection, hiring, on-boarding and retention.

Master Your Talent Sourcing & Hiring Issues with Genesis Workforce Solutions

Our reputation for finding the right employee for the job is backed by more than 40 years of experience. Genesis Workforce offers the market’s finest IT, Digital Media, Creative and Finance & Accounting talent available.  We work with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as mid-sized companies.

We Use “Best-in-Class” Talent Acquisition Techniques

Traditional talent acquisition techniques focus on hiring candidates quickly and cheaply as possible.  The fundamental problem with this approach is that sight is lost on what matters most: identifying and hiring the most suitable and capable candidates as possible.  GensisWorkforce understands how important that is, and we have designed our talent acquisition processes accordingly.

We Use Best Practices in Talent Acquisition

  • We allot a significant part of our own internal budget in technology and specifically in talent acquisition technologies.
  • We track new hires’ progress in the onboarding process.
  • We provide your hiring managers with specific insights into whether the candidates are a good fit in your corporate culture.
  • Our office uses a collaborative team effort in sourcing talent.

We absolutely understand how important it is to have superior processes in place, not just to improve recruiting, but to ensure that the candidates are capable and qualified, and that they will thrive in their roles.

So whether it’s the newest technology, better hiring standards, a collaborative effort between our team and yours, or improving the onboarding experience, we take all necessary steps to improve your talent acquisition.

Our talent sourcing process keeps your ideal candidates in view

To get ahead in the global fight for top talent, you need to approach candidates actively. By building up a talent community, you’ll ensure that you’re always in contact with your ideal candidates. For future activities, you’ll be filling open positions with talent you already know well.

Traditional recruiting costs you the best talent

The lack of suitable candidates represents a growing threat to your prosperity:

  • You get too few qualified applicants for classic job ads
  • You end up losing contact with top talent, who then end up joining the competition
  • The use of ever-more complex search measures wastes time and money

Temporary Workforce + Employer of Record Services = Your Peace of Mind

We offer a full-service HR outsourcing program for companies big and small throughout the United States


Have Us Contact You To Help Find Talent

*Due to workers’ compensation restrictions, Genesis Global only accepts workers with office/clerical or office/professional assignments (we cannot offer this service for industrial or manual labor workforces).

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